Cell Culturing Technologies

Our team is experienced in the culture and differentiation of murine and human induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. The main focus of our technology is cardiac differentiation. We have also experience with the generation of iPS by transposon-based method but trust on human iPS cells that are generated by Dr. Tomo Sarics group at our institute (lines are available from the European Bank for induced pluripotent Stem Cells EBiSC). We have knowledge in the field of genetic engineering of cultured cells.


Hydrogel Substrates

Hydrogels are used to mimic distinct mechanical features of the extracellular matrix. We rely on polyacrylamide (PAA) hydrogels because PAA has excellent optical and mechanical properties and can be finetuned to match the elasticity of most tissues. We have developed methods to covalently coat PAA hydrogels with matrix proteins and tune the elasticity of the hydrogel to simulate fetal, adult or even fibrotic cardiac tissue. PAA hydrogels can be produced in different shapes. The workshop of the Institute is expertised to produce molds for various PAA hydrogel shapes as required by the respective experiment.