Students of the Medical Faculty Cologne

I am teaching physiology in the frame of the physiology course for medical students at the University of Cologne. You will find PDFs of my courses on the website of the Center for Physiology, Cologne. To access the documents, you need a password that is announced at the beginning of the semester and posted in the class rooms.

Furthermore, I am offering projects in the frame of "WissPro" (literature study based or laboratory work based) and projects for Research Track students (laboratory work). Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in a project and want to learn more about your opportunities. There is also a way to join the laboratory for a single day and shadow one of my team members to get some initial idea of our work.


BSc. and MSc. projects

Students with a background in biology, cell biology, biotechnological engineering, applied biology, biomedical sciences and related topics are invited to apply for BSc. and MSc. projects.


Doctoral thesis

We are offering projects for MD and full PhD thesis projects occasionally. If you are interested to start your thesis in my laboratory contact me for further details. PhD students need to register at the graduate school, you have the choice between the IPMM program and the PhD Health Sciences. Find the links to the respective programs below. To start your thesis work you need a funding of your own position. Either by a third party grant or by a sholarship. Foreign students have the chance to obtain sholarships from the German Academic Exchance Service (DAAD). There are specific programs for some countries, you will find more details on the website of DAAD. The University of Cologne has an excellent center that organizes support of foreign students.



PhD in Molecular Medicine, Cologne University

PhD in Health Sciences, Cologne University

DAAD - German Academic Exchange Service

International Scholars at the University of Cologne